The Lack of Cellphone Coverage in Upstate New York

The Lack of Cellphone Coverage in Upstate New York

Upstate NY Cell Phone Coverage

With over 4,300 cell phone dead zones located throughout upstate New York, the area is rife with problems for cell phone customers, which is almost everybody. To add salt to the wound, the cell phone carriers in the state report having full coverage. Advertisements in the region tell customers that there is coverage all over the state. Yet, the recent survey showing the numbers taken by New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer reports 1,000 dead spots in the Finger Lakes region alone. Across the state, the major cell phone carriers frequently under-perform in network reliability and speed, as well as data performance.
While AT&T says they will look into the issue, it can be pretty difficult to believe that they didn’t know what their coverage maps truly looked like, they are the ones who tested and issued the maps in the first place. In light of all this, Senator Schumer has announced that he will be talking with the FCC about ramifications for this problem if working with the carriers themselves turns out to be fruitless.

How bad is it?

At this point, Senator Schumer says the cell phone coverage is “spotty at best”. More damning is the fact that along the northern NY border with Canada, the Canadian cell phone service frequently out performs American coverage in these cell phone dead zones. Worse still, cell phone dead zones were found inside some of the most populated areas in New York City.

Why it matters

Having good cell phone service is more than just being able to quickly watch our cat videos. Cell phones save lives. Imagine being lost, getting attacked, or being in a car accident in a cell phone dead zone. It’s possible that there may be no way to call for help, and without GPS on your phone, it is also impossible to track you even if you could announce you were in severe danger. Can you imagine if your house set on fire, and as you call 9-1-1 you can’t get a signal. Your house would be left to burn without any chance of saving it, god forbid a living creature should be inside.

What exactly are they doing about it?

Senator Schumer has made his plea for the companies to take responsibility and fix the problem(s). At this time, he has said that he will check back with the companies in a few months to see how their progress is coming along. If nothing changes, Senator Schumer has pledged to get the FCC to use its power to help the citizens.

Elmira NY Real Estate Market Trends

Elmira NY Real Estate Market Trends

Elmira NY Real Estate trends seem to be quite unpredictable in recent times.  In July of 2015 the median listing price for a home in Elmira NY was about $88,000. Now, 10 months later the median list price has dropped all the way down to $77,000, which is an increase of $11,000 in less than a year. Some of the main reasons for declining house prices include economic recession, rising interest rates, and demographic change.

Sue Larson is known one of the top Elmira NY realtors, and one of the many agents who seem to be taking a minor hit from this change in the market. New Elmira real estate agents are probably the ones who are affected most by this because it requires them to work extra hard in order to find clients.  If you have some money saved up and you’re thinking about buying a house in Elmira NY, now may be a great time to find one at a good price before prices shoot back up.

SUNY Computer Chip Facility brings 1,000 jobs to Mohawk Valley!

The University of New York Polytechnic Institute, also known as SUNY Polytechnic Institute, is a large public research university stretching across the Albany, New York area. Recently, construction has begun on their brand new, 360,000 square foot, highly advanced computer chip fab located at the Marcy Nanocenter. The construction of such a complex establishment, expected to hold AMS AG’s advanced sensor manufacturing, will require the already gathered $2 billion of private investment.

The demand for skilled workers of all trades to complete the large construction project will create more than 1,000 new jobs in the Mohawk Valley. Not only will SUNY Polytechnic Institute benefit greatly from the building, the labor force will receive a boost in possible work opportunities which in turn helps the economy. The groundbreaking symbolizes a great stepping stone in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Nano Utica initiative, suggesting the creation of over 4,000 jobs within the next ten years. With General Electric partnering with SUNY Polytechnic, the construction of the computer chip fab will include a research and development department at the Computer Chip Commercialization Center, adding even more benefit to the institute and labor force.

Elmira Bank, Chemung Canal Trust, To Get New CEO In 2017

They say all good things must eventually come to an end. It appears that will soon be the case with the tenure of current Chemung Canal Trust chief executive officer Ronald Bentley. He is set to retire at the end of the year though leaving behind a great legacy.

Bentley, a 35-year veteran of the banking industry, has been with the company since July 2006 when he began serving as the chief operating officer. Less than a year later, in April 2007, he was promoted to CEO and president. A month earlier he had been named the director of Chemung Canal Trust and Chemung Financial.

Before working for Chemung Canal, Bentley held high-level positions with NBT Bank, KeyBank, and Premier National BanCorp.

Under his leadership, Chemung Canal Trust and Chemung Financial experienced significant progress in regards to many performance metrics indicative of positive financial growth. The company’s assets rose by 129 percent from June 2006 through the end March 2016. Shareholder equity went up 77 percent going from $60 million to $141 million in the same time frame as well.

David Dalrymple, the chairman of the board for Chemung Canal and Chemung Financial, spoke highly of Bentley in a prepared statement announcing his impending retirement:

“Remarkable progress has been made sensationally at the company under Ron’s leadership. During Ron’s tenure, we have posted record growth in assets, loans, deposits and shareholders’ equity — all key measurements of our financial performance.”

While he is stepping down, Bentley will remain on the board of directors. Current president and chief operating officer Anderson M. Tomson will take over as CEO.

Chemung Canal has been a fixture in the Elmira, New York, community since it was founded back in 1833. It proudly describes itself as “the oldest locally-owned and managed community bank in New York.”

The company launched a financial services division, CFS Group Inc., in 2001.

New Storage facility proposed in Albany!

New Storage facility proposed in Albany!

A new 100,00 square feet storage facility may be coming to Albany. The Rosenblum Cos. have decided that they would like to setup a new storage facility off interstate 90 Exit 5 in Albany, NY. This is a slight change of direction for Rosenblum as they currently have a large stake in the commercial office space industry. Rosenblum claims that they think they can bring something new to the storage industry which apparently “has more demand than supply” according to Jeff Mirel, the executive vice president at Rosenblum Cos. This project is expensive and may cost Rosenblum Cos. an estimated $10 million dollars. The planning board of Albany will be presented with the project later this month.